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Gujarati is spoken as the official language in the Indian state of Gujarat and also by the majority of people in Mumbai and other major cities of India.

This language is spoken by approximately 55 million native speakers and by over 5 million non-Gujarati bringing total speakers to 60 million.

Gujarati script is similar to Devanagari but without the connecting line at the top of each letter and word. It is written from Left to Right and has 48 letters.

  • Vowels (14 Letters): અ, આ, ઇ, ઈ, ઉ, ઊ, ઋ, ઌ, ઍ, એ, ઐ, ઑ, ઓ, ઔ
  • Consonants (34 Letters): ક, ખ, ગ, ઘ, ઙ, ચ, છ, જ, ઝ, ઞ, ટ, ઠ, ડ, ઢ, ણ, ત, થ, દ, ધ, ન, પ, ફ, બ, ભ, મ, ય, ર, લ, ળ, વ, શ, ષ, સ, હ
  • Additional Consonants (1 Letters): 
  • Numbers in Gujarati: ૦(0), ૧(1), ૨(2), ૩(3), ૪(4), ૫(5), ૬(6), ૭(7), ૮(8), ૯(9)
  • Currency Symbols in Gujarati: 
  • Additional vowel letters used in Gujarati Scripts (4 Letters): ૠ, ૡ, ◌ૢ, ◌ૣ
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Currency Unit Indian Rs.
U. S Dollar 1 Dollar ($) 83.5929 Rs
UK Pound 1 Pound (£) 108.522 Rs
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Qatari Riyal 1 Q. Riyal 22.9077 Rs
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