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Kannada, also known as Kanarese or Canarese, is a Dravidian language spoken by the majority of people of Karnataka in southwestern India, and by significant minorities in the states of Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Kerala, Andra Pradesh, and Maharashtra.

The language is spoken by approximately 44 million native speakers and by over 12.9 million non-Kannada bringing total speakers to 56 million.

Kannada script is closely related to the Telugu script. It is written from Left to Right and has 49 letters in addition to 1 obsolete vowel and 2 obsolete consonants.

  • Vowels (13 Letters): ಅ, ಇ, ಉ, ಋ, ಎ, ಐ, ಒ, ಔ, ಆ, ಈ, ಊ, ಏ, ಓ
  • Obsolete Vowels (1 Letters): 
  • Structured Consonants (25 Letters): ಕ, ಖ, ಗ, ಘ, ಙ, ಚ, ಛ, ಜ, ಝ, ಞ, ಟ, ಠ, ಡ, ಢ, ಣ, ತ, ಥ, ದ, ಧ, ನ, ಪ, ಫ, ಬ, ಭ, ಮ
  • Unstructured Consonants (9 Letters): ಯ, ರ, ಲ, ವ, ಶ, ಷ, ಸ, ಹ, ಳ
  • Obsolete Unstructured Consonants (2 Letters): ಱ, ೞ
  • Yogavaha (part-vowel, part consonant) (2 Letters): ಅಂ, ಅಃ
  • Ardhavisarga (2 Letters): ೱ, ೲ
  • Numbers in Kannada: ೦(0), ೧(1), ೨(2), ೩(3), ೪(4), ೫(5), ೬(6), ೭(7), ೮(8), ೯(9)
Type in English, Get In Telugu. E.g. Typing Miru ela unnaru? becomes మీరు ఎలా ఉన్నారు?.
Type in English, Get In Malayalam. E.g. Typing halea becomes ഹലോ.
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