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Tigrinya typing software is loading ... You can now type in Tigrinya in this text area...
  • Typing romanised English words in above textarea will be converted into Tigrinya.

    For E.g.
    Typing "deHan wˋalu" will be converted into "ደሓን ውዓሉ"
  • Use backspace or click on any words to get more choices on a dropdown menu.
  • Press (Ctrl + G) together to toggle (switch) between English and Tigrinya language.
  • Once you have finished typing in Tigrinya you can also email it to anyone, including yourself.
  • To post the content in Tigrinya on Facebook, Twitter, or format it on a text editor such as Word Document - simply copy and paste.
  • Auto recovery - In case of sudden crash of the browser, our system recovers the store text from your computer.
  • Copy or download transliterated Tigrinya text on your computer.
  • This Tigrinya transliteration is FREE. We don't charge a Rial, Cent, Penny or Rupee.
Translate English words, sentences and phrases into Tigrinya for FREE.
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Translate Tigrinya words, sentences and phrases into English for FREE.
Ethopian Currency Exchange
Currency Unit Ethiopian (Birr.)
U. S Dollar 1 Dollar ($) 57.4111 Birr
UK Pound 1 Pound (£) 73.4462 Birr
Euro 1 Euro 62.4553 Birr
Saudi Riyal 1 S. Riyal 15.3065 Birr
Bahrain Dinar 1 Dinar 152.32 Birr
Qatari Riyal 1 Q. Riyal 15.7658 Birr
Tigrinya Transliteration. E.g. Typing Dehando hadirkum becomes ደሓንዶ ሓዲርኩም.
Type in English, Get In Arabic. E.g. Typing How are you? becomes كيف حالك؟.