# Nepali Month Days Gregorian Months
1 Baishakh [बैशाख] 30/31 Mid April to Mid May
2 Jeth [जेष्ठ or जेठ] 31/32m Mid May to Mid June
3 Asar[आषाढ or असार] 31/32 Mid June to Mid July
4 Sawan [श्रावण or साउन] 31/32 Mid July to Mid August
5 Bhadau [भाद्र or भदौ] 31/32 Mid August to Mid September
6 Asoj [आश्विन or असोज] 30/31 Mid September to Mid October
7 Kartik [कार्तिक] 29/30 Mid October to Mid November
8 Mangsir [मार्ग or मंसिर] 29/30 Mid November to Mid December
9 Poush [पौष or पुष/पूस] 29/30 Mid December to Mid January
10 Magh [माघ] 29/30 Mid January to Mid February
11 Falgun [फाल्गुन or फागुन] 29/30 Mid February to Mid March
12 Chaitra [चैत्र or चैत] 30/31 Mid March to Mid April
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